Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Orgasm of Departure

Open that door and look back for just a second. You can see the sounds, hear the sights, touch the fond memories and embrace the sour ones. For it is time to leave and leave behind.

It was the ominous and overbearing presence of religion as an entity, frequent terrorist attacks, intolerance bursting at the seams, incessant power cuts, and daily dose of harassment on the streets that motivated me to look for greener pastures. Such was the motivation that I was willing to end my recovering career, sell all that belonged, say goodbye to those I loved and fill forms in numbers that seemed unlimited.

Each day closer to my departure was building up my excitement. A new world awaited...where buying a beer off the shelf and wearing shorts on scorching days would not be something out of bounds. Where being a woman would not be my biggest disadvantage.

With no regrets on my decision, there was one moment...just that one moment in which I felt immense fear mixed with intense excitement that permeated every pore in my body. It was the moment when I closed the door to my home for the last time.

It was the fear of the unknown and the excitement of the same.

Here goes in that unknown, for better or for worse.