Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Expressing Change: Mother Daughter Project Day 1

My 9 year old daughter has become an addict since our move to Canada. She is unable to function without her iPad at all times. She cannot possibly listen to an entire sentence without being distracted and has methodically reduced the need to do anything but spend time on that machine. To break her out of this abhorring addiction, I had only one thing to do.

Give her time and attention.

It has been challenging for me to do that lately since I am struggling with my own addiction to disbelief with a touch of self-pity. So to break her addiction, I had to break mine. And finally give her some time.

As a result of this new resolve, a small project has emerged. Under the project Dee Fee Wee, both of us would write one page of a continuing story every other day. The story will be fiction and the plot would be ever developing.

Fiction is of course inspired by reality and often a depiction of one's current state of mind. This philosophy will be confirmed by the spoils of our first day of work. My words clearly reflect my utter state of confusion that I have landed in, and the relentless grieving of my lost sense of self since migration. Her words evidently highlight the contrast between a child's response to change and an adult's introspections of the same.

The project must go on.