Sunday, February 7, 2016

Like, you know

I am an avid eavesdropper. Listening to random conversations between two people I have never met and will possibly never meet ever is an exciting concept for me. Especially in a new country and culture, this habit is contributing immensely to my general knowledge [yes it is]. I get to know which sitcoms people are watching here. I find out the mood and nature of gossiping in the Canadian way of life. I am enlightened about the kind of issues involved in the world of dating and sleeping with different people. As a new immigrant, all this audio stimulus is very educational and crucial to my process of integration [yes it is].

In my daily commute, I hear different voices, various accents, so many issues. And among all those conversations, one aspect that I have been unable to fathom or gracefully accept is teenage talk. Every expression inundated with the word 'like' before and after almost every word. It is deeply and adversely affecting my senses.

Case in point:

“Like silence is like the language of god like, 
all else like is like poor translation like.” 
— Like Rumi

“Like don't like cry because  like it's over, 
like smile because like it like happened.” 
— Like Dr. Suess

“Be like the change like that you like wish to see like in the world like you know.” 
— Like Mahatma Gandhi

“Like you know, there are only two ways  like to live your life like. One is like as though like nothing is like a miracle. The other is like like as though like everything is like a miracle.” 
— Like Albert Einstein

Some say this is the natural evolution of the English language that most of us need to accept if not follow. Some even say that it is an interesting time to be alive to be witnessing this major transition in the third most popular language in the world. To me it appears to be some form of a speech impediment. I wonder about the cause. I hope for a cure. And English is not even my first language!

Coming here from a third world country, I am not worried about my child getting sex education in school. I am not concerned about her dating boys. But I am petrified about her adopting this language. Just thinking about it is giving me shivers. Like you know [I am unsure about the correct punctuation at the end of this expression]