Friday, June 10, 2016

Because we have nothing

Women are getting burnt alive in Pakistan. Muslims are celebrating Ramadan on Facebook. Rapists are being protected in the US for being good white swimmers. It's summer in Canada.

I am sitting on my newly purchased mattress pleased with myself and life. I have lost stability so many times, but never my sanity. That is an achievement I am satisfied with. My home smells of delicious curry. I had spent the weekend lying on the grass with my friends looking up at the trees as they rustled madly. I am looking forward to hosting the first play date in my new house with rooms. Life is good and kind. 

My child is sulking. She doesn't want her friend to come over. "Because we have nothing", she says as she frustratingly bounces on the new mattress, balancing her personal iPad in her hand. 

She is often unaffected by 'nothing' as long as nobody is there to see it. 

Maybe if she lies in the grass all day looking up at the trees, she would feel the abundance worthy of sharing with those worthy of caring. Maybe when she is not 10.