Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tomato Tomato

The Sycophant: "Oh let me climb on your glorious head so I could lick your noble boots and sing your praises so loud."

The Narcissist: "Of course. Let me place my boots on my head - lick them forever and make me, oh make me proud."

The Critic: "I shall not resort to this charade, I shall not play their game. But when will they look at me, for I am so well-endowed?"

The Moaner: "Why am I not so bright? Why do I have short sight? If only I could do something to stand out in this crowd."

The Impervious: "This is not my life, this is not my care. I will return to my kingdom in time, where the narcissist in me is allowed."

P.S: Do not have fear dear immigrants. You will find the kind of jobs you have been accustomed to all your lives.