Saturday, October 22, 2016

The 84th Problem

Life choices are about accepting one set of problems over another.

Trade a fear for a different one. Relinquish the fear of safety to the fear of not being able to pay the rent.
Barter an injustice for another. Reject the social and legal abuse to accept alienation as an alien.
Exchange your tragedy with a new calamity. Choose between strife and debt, freedoms of sorts and the colour of your chains.

But do not regret. Remind yourself life choices are also about discovering and embracing new paths and new joys; about finding yourself again and meeting a whole lot of good people who teach you so much you didn't know before. And if you can't help but question those choices as you live them, know that there is always another set of 83 problems you can choose all over again.

I needed to write this to hear this.