Thursday, December 15, 2016

Never Again

Cute pets wearing silly hats is the greatest thing you will see today, said a Facebook post. Light-up unicorn slippers are the most magical thing you have ever seen, said another. Toronto has a new cafe where poop-like desserts are served in toilet bowls - anything is possible, said the blogger. People are arguing about who is right about the latest situation in Aleppo. Don't believe everything you read, they say. I see a cover photo with a beautifully illustrated image of a child's bloodied shoe. Never again, it said.

Two years ago on December 16, 132 children were attacked and killed by terrorists in a school in Pakistan. We mourned, made emotional songs and talked about giving guns to teachers in schools. We said never again. 

An estimated 345 children die everyday as a result of violence. In the last 2 years, 251,850 children of the world must have died violent deaths. 

Never say never I said before liking the bloodied shoe and the cute pets wearing silly hats. I don't like unicorns anyway.