Monday, December 19, 2016

Rapist by Association

Rapists-we all hate them. Even those who rape their own wives hate them. We condemn the heinous act. Even those who sexually harass others once in a while condemn it.

Rape is a crime that doesn't belong to any particular terrorist group, religious identity or race - although 80% of sex crime victims are women. So one might generalise that this crime may be owned by the tribe of 'men'. That incriminates every single man in this world with a penis or a candle stick, doesn't it? That is not a fair inference, is it now? Then why is it acceptable that if a sexual assault is committed by a man of a particular 'visible' minority, his entire race is shamed?

A Pakistani man living in Canada made news when he sexually assaulted a woman. It was reported today that he was sentenced to (ONLY) two years and nine months in prison, but has fled to Pakistan to evade the charges. Any man who has the capacity to take advantage of a non-consenting other, is vile, rotten and should be punished by law (alhough that rarely happens in this world).

The rapist was a Pakistani and a Permanent Resident of Canada. By association, the ever so sharp social (media) justice is incriminating all Pakistanis living here. One man's Pakistani penis is reflecting the character of the rest of us Paki immigrants. 

Reading the comments posted by some very polite people on the news report about the man, I wonder - is that what you really think of me simply because I belong to a particular country? Is this what you are really feeling when you meet me and chirp 'Congratulations on getting immigration' - like you are my saviour and I am your burden?