Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Miraculous Cure for the Colonized Mind

(Only relevant for some South Asians)

Unaware of carrying the burden of a colonized mind? Crushed by the omnipresent awe you unknowingly feel for the colonizers? Tired of hiding from the sun to avoid getting browner?

The cure is simple – move to the lands of the colonizers. Live under the shades of the generous oppressors. Walk the paths where brown is a minority.

Witness the proverbial marking of proverbial territories – of flailing egos when threatened. Receive the disrespect you didn’t earn. Feel the shattering glass – not of the ceiling, but of the floor. Realize the mirage – and edit the image of the mighty oppressors in your mind. And feel how it feels, when you see – from your own eyes and not of your ancestors – how they reap what you sow.

Listen to the incessant chatter about the Royal Wedding.

Take the oath and pledge your allegiance to the Queen, with unassuming poise now – for you are cured.